Welcome to the Life Partners Position Holder Trust’s website.  This website was established to provide Life Partners investors with information regarding the status of the PHT and their investments. 


           The PHT Trustee has posted a podcast on the Investor Relations page. In it, the Trustee provided a report on the maturities in the portfolio so far; and discussed topics of interest to investors such as, the status of the investor portal, the anticipated timing of distributions, the PHT’s recent registration as a public company and valuation of interests. and limitations on the sale of positions; and answered questions presented by investors.

The Trustee has decided to use podcasts instead of live webinars. There were numerous complaints by investors who were unable to register for the webinars due to the limitations of the webinar service. Moreover, the sheer size of the audience made it impossible for investors to participate.


As of July 27, 2017, the PHT was up to date on distributions to the Continuing Fractional Holders. The PHT has collected the policy proceeds on 32 post-effective maturities. It has distributed all of those proceeds in accordance with the Plan. These policies are listed on the Maturities page.

The policy proceeds totaled about $43 million of which $17.5 million was paid to the CFHs. The remaining funds were paid to the PHT, the NIRAN collateral account and class counsel in accordance with the Plan and the Court’s orders. In addition, the PHT returned approximately $584,000 in escrowed premiums to the CFHs. Please note that these numbers include money which is owed to investors on hold (either due to litigation or to the failure to provide a W-9). The PHT will continue to hold these funds until the conditions requiring the hold are removed.


The PHT Trustee is requesting that all investors send IRS Form W-9 or IRS Form W-8BEN to the PHT at the following address:

Magna Servicing, LLC
P.O. Box 23226
Waco, TX  76702

Please do not send these forms to the PHT Trustee's counsel (Michael Napoli and/or Aaron Kaufman) or the Creditors' Trust Trustee's counsel (Jay Ong).

If you sent a Form W-9 or W-8BEN to the PHT before November 1, 2016, you do not need to send another form.


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